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Celebration cakes Lincolnshire - Kid's birthday cakes by Hajni, Peterborough cake maker

Kid's birthday cake Peterborough
Personalised kid's birthday cakes that don't break the bank, yet beautifully decorated and tastes delicious.

Celebration cakes Lincolnshire - Kid's birthday cake by Hajni, Peterborough cake maker

Why I decided to launch a kid's birthday cakes range

Even though I'm rapidly shifting to the wedding cake industry I decided to launch a kid's birthday cake range. Lately, I have been getting endless enquiries about kid's birthday cakes. To be honest these enquiries very rarely turn into orders. And I know the reason, it only comes down to one thing... the only one thing that this world revolves around... the price. After sending out quotes, people would say (that's if I got any answer back at all) I really like your cakes, they are absolutely beautiful but unfortunately it's just out of my price range.

The idea

Being a mum to a 5 year old myself I know how much you want the best for your child. But in most cases you're also having to stick to a budget. Especially now that prices are rising left, right and centre. So after some consideration, I thought I have to come up with a solution. I wanted to create a kid's birthday cake range that is home made, personalised and reasonably priced.

The solution to budget friendly kid's birthday cakes

So what I came up with after some tweaking to my recipes and processes is a two layer sponge. I use the same sponge for the kid's birthday cake range as for my wedding cakes, same recipe, same ingredients, no compromise there. But obviously, I had to find some ways of making my kid's birthday cakes cheaper. That's so it is worth me turning my oven on and it won't break the bank for you guys. Where I managed to cut down on the cost is in the buttercream and the jam. As you may know I use Swiss meringue buttercream in my wedding cakes which is quite time consuming to make and more expensive cost-wise. And to be fair, kid's won't make a fuss if there's traditional buttercream in their cakes. They probably don't even know what that previously mentioned posh sounding buttercream is. To be honest, even some of us, adults haven't even heard of it before. So in my kid's birthday cake range I swapped to traditional buttercream and shop bought jam instead of homemade jam. Not making my own jam and using traditional buttercream saves me a lot of time, hence saves you the pennies.

The design

Even though my kid's birthday cakes are lower end to my wedding cakes I really wanted these cakes to be similarly stylish to my adult cakes. For this reason, I chose rice paper as decoration. This modern cake decorating ingredient keeps the cakes simple whilst giving them a real wow factor. The colours can be matched to any theme. On the cake in the picture I chose a very popular puppy theme with matching pink shades. The combinations are endless though, you choose the colours and tell me what your child's favourite character is and I'll make it.

How much are my kid's birthday cakes?

The size of these cakes is 8" in diameter which gets you 26 portions. Currently these cakes are priced at £60 (wow that's £2.30 a slice, you even pay more for a slice of cake in a coffee shop and that cake doesn't even come with your child's favourite cartoon character), this includes one figurine or a few simple ones and the name and number. I also have a bonus for you... if you wanted to save further or kill two birds with one stone you could just buy the cake with no decoration, Just imagine if you're already buying small toys that matches the theme of the birthday cake than I'm happy to provide the cake for you to place the toys on the top of the birthday cake yourself.

You can browse through some of the kid's cake toppers I made in the past here in my gallery. If you cannot find what you're looking for, you're welcome to send me any ideas to and I'll let you know how I can help. Hope you are as excited about my new kid's range as I am, thanks for reading.

Bye now,




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