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Christmas Cakes - Christmas Cakes sure to impress your guests this season

It’s that time again...Christmas cake time. Here is a look at my festive selection of Christmas cakes for the Christmas season in 2023. My showcase piece offers a traditiona feel with a vanilla and strawberry cake with a festive champagne buttercream. Alongside this charming offering, I have a Black Forest and a Chocolate Orange which both will work well for after after the delicious Christmas Dinner.

I picked these flavours with great care and have thought of everyone with these festive and traditional favourites that will give a sprinkle of Christmas joy to your dining table. Hopefully one of these will delight you and your guests’ taste buds on Christmas Day.

Black Forest Christmas Cakes

Black Forest Gateau Christmas cake with a light meringue buttercream
Black Forest Gateau Christmas cake with a light meringue buttercream

Impress your guests this Christmas Day with this chocolate and cherry layered cake. A perfect choice of Christmas cake for the holidays, this Black Forest gateau is a revamped version of a retro classic that still is common place on Christmas tables across the country.

With light chocolate cake and generous meringue butter cream layers, the Saints and Sinners cherry and kirsch jam make this classic Christmas cake a holiday delight. Light and not too sweet for after a Christmas meal, this makes this a must-have for the holiday season.

Chocolate Orange Christmas Cakes

Chocolate orange Christmas cake
Delicious Chocolate orange Christmas cake

If you’re looking to serve up joy this Christmas, there is nothing better than a Chocolate Orange Christmas Cake. One of the best, traditional Christmas cakes for Christmas Day, this rich and moist chocolate orange cake is perfect for your festive table. With lovely layers of moist chocolate sponge cake with orange zest, sandwiched in-between with Mrs Darlington orange curd and orange buttercream, this is orange-tastic for the festive season.

Strawberry and Champagne Christmas Cakes

Strawberry and Champagne Christmas Cakes
Strawberry and Champagne Christmas Cake

What could be more elegant and celebratory for Christmas cakes than champagne and strawberries? This cake offers the best of both worlds with a light vanilla sponge paired with Saints and Sinners strawberry and champagne jam and a boozy champagne buttercream. For the kids, this would be delicious when paired with strawberries. And no concern with the alcohol, it is champagne flavouring to make it a delicious choice for the whole family. You can even serve the cake with a bottle of bubbly to ensure everyone can say a Christmas cheers.

If any of these flavours sound like the perfect choice for your dinner table for your friends and family to enjoy over the festive period or you would like to gift to someone as a wonderful Christmas gift, I'm taking pre-orders for Christmas cakes now. Please get in touch now through the form on my home page and remember, have a Merry Christmas!


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