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About Peterborough Wedding Cake Maker, Hajni

Peterborough wedding cake maker

Hi I'm Hajni (pronounced as Hi-knee), I'm that Peterborough wedding cake maker that makes these beautiful cakes. 

I'm from Hungary and I live in Market Deeping with my husband and daughter.
I love nature, in my free time I like going for walks in the sunshine. I also like keeping fit and eating healthy.

Family and health are two priorities in my life. Quality time with my family is very important. Arts and crafts are an everyday activity in my household with my 5 year old. From this, I often get inspiration for my cakes.

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Creativity has always been in my life

I knew from a very young age that I had a gift for creating things. When I was little I always loved crafts. I tried all sorts from the very basics like drawing and painting through making friendship bracelets, beaded animals and glass painting to making figurines out of clay I found at the back of the garden. One thing I didn't really do was baking. Who knew I was going to become a Peterborough wedding cake maker in 25 years' time.

Arts and crafts were all shoved into the background as I grew up and started working. I didn't do anything art related again until about 8 years ago. That was when I discovered my new passion which was cake decorating. I love to create harmony and anything beautiful. On my wedding cakes I achieve that with colours, textures, wafer paper or fondant for example.

gluten and dairy free cakes

How cakes appeared in my life

Then a few years down the line my daughter was born by which time I baked and decorated a fair few cakes. It seemed like the best opportunity to start up a business as a cake maker. My decorating style has evolved a lot since. And it's continually improving.  I'm never satisfied and constantly working on my skills to be able to make even more impressive cakes. My new skills are learnt through paid courses and I never do anything half-heartedly.

I understand that there's a lot of trust put in a wedding cake maker when you commission them with a job. For this reason, I put my heart and soul into making every piece of my work so you get the best possible taste and visual experience.

wedding cake samples

Registering as a Peterborough wedding cake maker

My new passion which was cake decorating started when we were planning our wedding. I started looking at wedding cakes. Then when I saw the prices knowing nothing about how much work and cost is involved and I was thinking 'How much??'

No way I'm going to pay that for a cake. Of course, now I understand why they cost what they cost. But back then I thought I could whip up a completely professional looking and tasting cake a couple of days before our big day. As you don't have enough stress without having to make and deliver your own wedding cake. Making sure it gets to the venue in one piece, too. This idea only lasted until I made a few cakes. Which made me realise yes, wedding cakes are something that's best to be left for professionals. However, after this I grabbed every opportunity to make a cake for friends and family.

A bit about my wedding cakes

The taste is just as important. I always use fresh and good quality ingredients. For fillings I make my light and silky Swiss meringue buttercream from scratch. The jam in my cakes is home-made too for which I take great care selecting the fruit. Apart from Swiss buttercream, my speciality is Italian macarons, which are available as cake decoration or on their own in gift packaging.

Being a perfectionist I'm eager to outdo my past work. I always push my limits and am willing to take the cake apart if the tiniest thing doesn't look the way I wanted.
I love to work with clients who tell me what specific things they want on the cake, but they also leave some of the design up to me where I can use my creativity.

If you think I'd be the perfect cake maker for your wedding cake I'm more than happy to help.


Contact me here

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