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Celebration cakes Lincolnshire - 3 reasons to choose a Swiss meringue buttercream cake

When it comes to celebration cakes most often they are associated with simple buttercream aka American style buttercream. However there's a few other types of buttercreams that cakemakers use for home made celebration cakes. I'd just like to tell you about the benefits of one of them which is the light an airy Swiss meringue buttercream. It is probably the most standard buttercream for pastry professionals as it is incredibly smooth and easy to work with.

There is a detailed explanation below why we should choose it more often for fillings but briefly because I think it's the queen of buttercreams 👑👑👑 .

brightly coloured cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream Peterborough
Freshly made cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream swirls

1.Texture and taste - what Swiss meringue buttercream tastes like

Swiss buttercream is silky and light and it's subtle in taste. It is not sickly, just sweet enough and it's not gritty at all as sugar is cooked and therefore dissolved. It is soft like a mousse and its luxuriously light. It's easy to pipe, making it a great choice for more elegant celebration cakes. It's smooth texture makes it super easy to get those sharp edges on buttercream cakes that are so trendy these days. Simply it looks and tastes amazing.

mages showing how swiss meringue buttercream is made
How Swiss meringue buttercream is made

2.How stable is Swiss Meringue buttercream for celebration cakes? This is a winner over many other types of buttercreams because of its stability. Swiss meringue buttercream as its name suggests is made with meringue. Swiss meringue is sugar and egg whites heated over a double boiler until all the sugar grains have dissolved. Then it's whipped up until it is cooled to room temperature. When it's cool the butter is added and beaten in. The cooked egg whites and its lower butter content helps to hold its shape in warmer temperatures. Hence it's the perfect filling for wedding cakes and other celebration cakes for outside events too.

Chocolate and coconut flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream cake Peterborough
Coconut flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream cake

3. Swiss meringue buttercream flavours This buttercream can be flavoured in many different ways. It can be mixed with melted chocolate, jam, concentrated flavourings. Even liquids such as coffee, liquor or rose water can be added to it and they're not gonna change its consistency, it will still be very stable. It goes well with fresh fruit which can be added between cake layers or to decorate cupcakes with.

One of my favourite flavour combinations is vanilla meringue buttercream with homemade forest fruit jam and fresh raspberries filled between rich and moist dark chocolate sponge layers. The only con I can think of when it comes to this heavenly buttercream is that it takes longer to make than the ordinary style buttercream. However it is just so much worth the extra mile and you don't even have to worry about that because I can make it for you. 😉

Overall this heavenly buttercream is a great choice for any celebration cake. If you want a special filling for an occasion cake that tastes delicious, is not too sweet, light, stable and available in many different flavours this is definitely a good choice.

Have a browse at my Swiss meringue buttercream filled cakes here.

An elegant Swiss meringue buttercream cake Market Deeping
An elegant Swiss meringue buttercream cake


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