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FAQ About Bespoke Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes

Bespoke birthday cakes Stamford

You must have some questions before you place an order
for a bespoke birthday cake to make sure everything is
perfect for the event you are planning. To try and help I have
listed the most common questions I get asked about
bespoke birthday cakes and wedding cakes so I hope you
will find this helpful. Although if there's anything on your
mind that's not on the list, don't hesitate to drop me a
message though e-mail or the contact form

If you're looking for a wedding cake around the Stamford
area I would recommend reading the 15 questions answered
about your wedding cake
blog where I gathered the most
often asked questions about wedding cakes.

1. How much notice do you need?
Some bespoke birthday cakes require more time for planning/designing than others. So my advice is earlier, the better.  

2. Do you take on last minute orders?
It really depends.. (I know it's the most annoying answer you can get but its always worth checking with me).
For very detailed and elaborate designs the answer is no. However, a simple buttercream cake may be possible with eg. fresh flowers or macarons.

3. How much do bespoke birthday cakes cost?
There's no two cakes that look the same, similarly their prices are different too. You can find some example cakes with their pricing on my cake pricing page.  Click and scroll to the bottom of the page. On this page you can also find the prices for basic tiers before the cost of any decoration gets added on.

4. How big is my cake going to be?
I make it as big as it needs to be.. I mean once I know how many guests you'll have I 'll make the correct size cake that will give you enough portions for your guests. For wedding cakes I also provide a cutting guide to make sure you get the correct number of servings. If you know the number of your guests you can also find out what size cake you need by looking at my cake portion guide.

5. What flavours do you do?
The main flavours I'm offering currently is on my flavour list. Click and scroll to the middle of the page. As mentioned before all my cakes are tailored to your needs so please contact me should you have a flavour in mind that you didn't see on my list.

6. How do I book?
After discussing all the details of the cake, you will receive an invoice with all the details (size, colours, flavour, wording if required etc.) so you have a chance to double check that I have got all the details right for your celebration cake. Then by paying the booking fee which is normally 
30% of the price, you will secure the date in my diary. 

7. How and when do I pay the balance?
The balance is payable once you received a photo of the finished cake, usually on the day of collection /delivery.

8. Do you deliver?
I offer a delivery service for cakes subject to availability and would advice to book along with booking the cake. This service is chargeable depending where you would like the cake delivered to. 

9. Have you had any cake disasters?
Thanks for asking, at the end of the day you need to trust your cake maker...
No, I haven't. All my fondant cakes have chocolate ganache base which means they are sturdy enough for transportation and they are quite heat resistant,  too.
Regarding buttercream cakes I only work with Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream which are the most stable buttercreams. You can read about other benefits of Swiss meringue buttercream in my  most popular blog.

Still have questions? Send them all over in an email and I'll get back to you with an answer soon as possible.

bespoke buttercream cake  Stamford
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