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Wedding cakes Lincolnshire -15 questions about your wedding cake answered by Peterborough cake maker

15 questions about your wedding cake answered by Peterborough cake maker

As a wedding cake maker I get asked a lot of questions. And I'm sure you have some to ask too. So instead of you having to type them out and wait for my reply I gathered the most often asked questions about wedding cakes.

Most probably some of your questions have been answered below. But if not, don't hesitate to get in touch.

1.What flavours do you offer? The flavours I'm offering currently can be found on my cake pricing page,

bear in mind the list is not exhaustive so by all means let me know if you have something else in mind. As all my cakes are bespoke and I'd like to accommodate flavour requests as well as much as I can. 2. Do you do fruitcake ? Yes, I do traditional fruitcakes too along the more popular sponge cakes. 3. We only need a small amount of fruitcake, can I have the fruit cake as the top tier? Contrary to popular belief, fruit cakes don't have to be the bottom tier. Cakes don't just sit on top of each other. There's a whole support system inside. And if your wedding cake maker knows how to stack cakes correctly, the internal structure will support the weight, no matter whether that fruitcake is on the top, middle or the bottom. Nowadays, most wedding couples only require a small amount of fruitcake to keep with the traditions or to keep to Nan and Grandad's obligations :) So it's absolutely fine to have the fruitcake as the top tier.

4. What size are your wedding cake portions? My standard portion sizes are 5" x 2" x 1"

5. Can we have a different flavour for each tier of our wedding cake? Certainly, you can. It’s great to give your guests options. However, it's worth considering how many servings each tier will give you. Just imagine having a 4" top tier which is 6 portions. Would it be a good idea to have only 6 slices of one flavour when you have let's say 150 guests ?

6. Do you do cakes for guests with allergies? Yes, I can make vegan and gluten free cakes on request.

7. Do You Offer a Wedding Cake Tasting? Your wedding cake should look and taste amazing What your wedding cake tastes like is just as important as what it looks like. For this reason, I do offer wedding cake tasting sessions. During these sessions as well as sampling my cakes you have a chance to talk through your wedding cake design ideas with me and discuss all the important details. Appointments for wedding cake tasting sessions are available in December and January. If you're after a pretty straightforward design eg. semi naked cake and you'd like to skip the discussion part but eager to try my cakes you're welcome to collect one of my sample boxes in which you get six different flavours (2 slices of each of course, and three Italian macarons)

8.Do You Offer a Design Consultation? see question 7. 9.How do I know what my wedding cake will look like? I create digital and hand drawn sketches of my wedding cake designs to be approved by my couples before they go ahead and book. This will give you a good impression of how the cake will look on the day of your wedding.

10. Can I View the Cake Before the Wedding? I will send a picture of your wedding cake before the day/ on the day to ensure you are completely happy with the design and to cater to any final requests you may have.

11.How big will my wedding cake be ? This very much depends on the serving sizes you need. Pretty much the first thing I do after the initial enquiry is to calculate the wedding cake size based on the number of portions the cake has to have. Then I make a draft for the portions required. This is beneficial for my couples as they can see the cake in their exact proportions. Then I consider the tier sizes and heights for the design ideas (if I've been given any guidance yet) and make necessary adjustments. I usually give my wedding clients two options for the dimensions of the cake, they usually know straight away which variation is that fits their design requirements. And after discussing the decoration we will tweak the sketches until my wedding clients are entirely happy. If you have a particular design in mind which is for example a 6 tier cake but you could get enough portions from a 3 tier cake, we can also add fake tiers to achieve the desired look. And the same goes the other way round. If you've got your heart set on a design that wouldn't give you enough portions we can always make you extra cutting cakes to make up the number of servings. So anything is possible with sizing really. 12.Can you deliver my wedding cake in Peterborough? Of course, I can and I insist on doing so if it's three or more tiers. I recommend that you have your wedding cake delivered, rather than arranging for a friend or relative to collect it from me as this will save you worrying about your cake. Wedding cakes aren’t that fun to deliver if you’ve never done it before and require a certain amount of careful driving and packing. 13.I like the look of one of the cakes you made. Can we have it in a different colour? Everything I make is bespoke and handmade. Hence, no two cakes I make look exactly the same but if you like a certain design I can create something very-very similar. By all means, you can have it in a different colour, with different flowers or different stencils etc. 14.Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, a 50% booking fee is required to secure the date. The balance is due 4weeks before the date.

15. Do You Offer Edible Wedding Favours?

Yes, I make sugar biscuits, macarons or cake pops, they can all be personalised and made to match your wedding cake. Individually wrapped, these make amazing edible wedding favours. I hope your wedding cake questions have been answered above. If not, you can get in touch here and ask me any further questions you may have. You may also find some inspiration for your wedding cake whilst browsing my cake gallery.


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