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Celebration cakes Lincolnshire - 3 design ideas to consider for modern cakes in Stamford

Bespoke cake maker Stamford Lincolnshire
Modern cake in Stamford, chevron tiles and wafer paper flower

3 design ideas to consider for modern cakes in Stamford

Are you one of those who don't settle with the traditional? Or you just want something that's totally unique and stands out from the crowd? Then you are in the right place because today I'm excited to share some awesome design ideas with you for modern cakes in Stamford.

1. Cakes with straight lines

Who said that cakes have to be round or even square? For example, cube cakes have so much potential, they are so different and they are so modern. I remember making my first modern cake in Stamford. It was quite simple but a perfect cube with perfect shape edges and some textures on the sides. I placed some fresh berries dusted with edible gold on the top. To be honest I thought it would just be an ordinary cake. It was only for the husband's birthday, hope he is not reading my blogs haha. Anyhow, when it was finished it looked so unique and contemporary. And I can guarantee that this uniqueness only came from the unusual shape. Having said that, you don't have to stop at cubes. You could go for hexagon, rectangular prism or if you 're having a tiered cake you can combine different shapes like spheres, half spheres, oblongs, hexagons just to mention a few.

Modern cakes Stamford - contemporary art cake
Modern cakes Stamford - contemporary art cake

2. Textures, patterns and colours for modern cakes in Stamford

Firstly, geometric patterns are so much in these days. The good news is they're not only for wallpapers and interior design. Yes, they are for cakes. too! Different ways of achieving these patterns on a cake can give them uniqueness. Stencilling with airbrush, cut outs of sugar paste or the more modern cake decorating medium, edible wafer paper are great ways to get a unique look. Secondly, for colours I'd recommend adding painted metallic details to some of the elements, which can really make the cake pop.

For patterns, there are textured rolling pins and embossing mats with various designs. I especially like my wide and narrow groove pins from Crummb Cakes. I can make such sleek designs with these. Recently concrete and marble effects have become another popular finish on modern cakes. With some edible gold leaf or a stem of delicate wafer paper flower the contrast would complete a very quirky look.

Bespoke cakes Stamford
Geometric wafer paper cake topper
3. Wafer paper cakes

Wafer paper is the most recent edible cake decorating medium. Now cake decorators widely use it in the States and Australia. It's very delicate compared to sugar paste. As a result, flowers made out of it will look more life-like. This material is so light and if they're made the right way wafer paper flowers will stay flexible and much less fragile than their sugar counterparts. Moreover, these type of modern cakes in Stamford fit perfectly in any of the great venues that the town has to offer. Apart from flowers, wafer paper can be used for so many other decorations. For example geometric shapes, origami, ruffles, quilled details and many more. So here they are, the design ideas for modern cakes or shall I say pieces of art that can become the talking point of any celebration. I really hope I could help with my ideas if you're in search of a modern cake in Stamford or nearby.

If you'd like to have a chat about a design you have in mind, feel free to contact me or for more ideas have a browse in my wafer paper cake gallery.

Thanks for reading

bye for now,

Hajni (hi-knee)


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