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Classy and elegant cake designs - an elegant birthday cake for a young lady's birthday celebration

Wafer paper bow cake decoration

A classy and elegant cake for a young lady's birthday celebration

This blog is a bit like a testimonial. However, I didn't just want to share a review on my socials. I thought it would be more interesting if I tell you the whole story of this elegant cake.

1.Enquiry for an elegant cake

Monday morning as I just finished replying to my clients enquiries, an e-mail came through. I pulled down the notification bar just to see who replied so quick. And realised it wasn't a reply, it was a new enquiry about a last minute cake. I always read these immediately if I can, in case I can help.

The impression that I got from reading the e-mail was that the lady was upset and desperate for help. She was hoping I had space for a special cake to cheer her granddaughter up the weekend after. I replied straight away to find out what sort of design they were looking for to see whether I could make the cake in time.

2.Deciding on the details An image of an elegant cake was sent that Cherry's granddaughter liked. A simple but very elegant cake. I had pretty much everything in that I needed to make the cake, apart from the flowers but I always get fresh flowers a day or two before the cake is due. Cherry was so grateful that I managed to squeeze her order for this elegant cake in for Easter weekend which was already a busy week. Over the phone we discussed the flavour, portion requirements and the options for the flowers. Cherry decided to go with pink artificial roses and she left it to me to decide on the filler flowers. I found a pretty bouquet online that I thought would compliment this elegant cake beautifully. So I ordered them.

3.Making the cake The week the cake was due I baked my rich and moist chocolate cake and wrapped it. I always wrap my cakes several times so the moisture stays with them. I made milk chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream to fill it and white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream to cover the outside and to get those sharp edges. Swiss meringue buttercream is always a good choice to get a perfect finish on an elegant cake. After getting that smooth finish I left the cake in the fridge to chill. And messaged Cherry that I would send the picture of the completed cake in the morning as it was already late and I needed peace and quiet (= my four-year-old in bed ) before I get down to the more sophisticated part.

Elegant cakes for women Peterborough
An elegant cake for a young lady's birthday celebration

4.The finishing touches

So I melted some white chocolate. I had a picture to go by so I made the drips on the side of the cake. I painted them gold as requested and I wanted to put my own twist on the cake so I jazzed it up with a few golden pearls to make it even more classy.

After this, I transferred the cake on its final board. Carefully taped and wrapped the stems of the roses and filler flowers, then I inserted them into the cake. I love this part, when everything comes together and the cake is complete.

The following morning I sent images of the cake to Cherry and her granddaughter who arranged the tea-party for her sister. They were both very pleased with the result and very thankful. Then my heart made a happy dance and I knew my efforts had paid off.

Review for an elegant cake

As a conclusion, the order was taken and discussed in detail, items ordered online for the requested cake 10 days prior to the celebration date. A classy and elegant cake was delivered. A tea-party organised by the sister. Which resulted in a happy birthday girl and a pleased grandmother.

If you wondered what Swiss meringue buttercream was you can read about it here. I always use this type of buttercream for my elegant cakes as it is so light and delicious.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Much love,



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