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Wedding cakes Lincolnshire -5 wedding cake tips you haven't thought about

5 wedding cake tips you haven't thought about

You might not know much about wedding cakes, but the more informed you are, the better your decisions will be. For this reason, I gathered a few useful tips below that will help you make the best decisions.

1. Picking your wedding cake style to be in line with everything else on the day

When you're deciding on your flowers, table decor and gown for example you take into consideration what colours and materials are used and you coordinate them so there is harmony.

Similarly when you make a decision about your cake style think about these factors as well. Your cake will be on display and part of the decoration. In my view the cake design is like a gift box for your wedding cake. You want it to be perfect for the setting, your dress the room etc.. so think about it carefully.

And if you manage to find a cake maker that is not just a cake maker but also an artist they will take care of this. You can easily tell if your cake maker has some creativity just by looking at their portfolio. Is there something unique about their cakes? Do they make your jaws drop? Or are they just a replica of designs done many many times before?

The cake should be part of the wedding, not a glaring sideshow.

2. Wedding cakes with a personal touch

Wedding cakes don't have to be run-off-the-mill. Long gone the days when wedding cakes had to be purely white and decorated with flowers or royal icing. Use this to your advantage. Many modern couples incorporate their hobbies, pets or other interests into their wedding cake design.

It's exactly what one of my recent couples did with their wedding cake. Both of them being a big Harry Potter fan, they had a Harry Potter themed wedding. The cake was featuring a Harry Potter design and perfectly matched their wedding setting as well.

This personal touch will make your wedding feel totally unique, and it will be a reminder of all your fabulous memories as a couple.

3. You have to go in for a wedding cake tasting

At wedding cake tasting sessions, clients are invited to sample cake flavours, ask the cake maker questions and talk about the cake design. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your wedding cake maker and fully understand the range of their abilities too. Picking your baker is a big deal—you'll want to get to know their personality and make sure they're genuinely excited about your wedding day too.

However, if you're not into face-to-face meetings, some wedding cake makers offer cake sample boxes that you can just collect at your covenience and sample them to choose your wedding cake flavours.

Wedding cake sample box with six different cake flavours and three macarons
Wedding cake sample box to choose your cake flavours

4.Choose unique decor but think about the season

Think about the season too when you're picking your wedding cake style. You may like a rustic wedding cake decorated with physalis. However if your wedding is in December that might not be possible as some exotic fruits are out of season.

Similarly a tiered buttercream cake in the middle of the summer if your wedding is in a marquee may not be the best idea.

5.Choose an unusual flavour

I left this for last on purpose as I made promise on Instagram to reveal my new cake flavour in this blog.

I think when you have a wedding you would like something very special in all respect. Something that you and your guests will speak about for years to come. People don't usually think about this when picking their cake flavours. Can you remember Prince Harry and Meghan's cake? They wanted something absolutely unique. I'm not sure if the flavour combination was exclusively created for them or it already existed before but did you hear of lemon and elderflower cake before? Exactly... ever since their wedding, the flavour became so popular because it is something unusual.

So here it is as I promised on Instagram. One of the unique flavours I just added to my flavour list is a caramel sponge which is baked with crunchy pecan nuts, has a light spread of homemade caramel sauce on each layer and the filling is my signature Swiss meringue buttercream flavoured with pure Canadian maple syrup.

Hope my wedding cake top tips will help you to find the perfect design for your special day.

Much Love,



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