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Top Five wedding cake flavours by Peterborough cake maker

top five wedding cake flavours
So what are the top five wedding cake flavours?

Top Five wedding cake flavours by Peterborough cake maker

You probably scrolled through hundreds of cake photos to find the ideal look for your wedding cake. But no matter how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing a cake may be, it equally matters how it tastes like. When it comes to making your picks of flavours you’ve come to the right place as I just collected the top five wedding cake flavours.

1. Vanilla sponge is the first of the top five wedding cake flavours

This deliciously simple flavour works well with nearly any type of frosting and filling but most requests I get is vanilla buttercream. To be honest, it's a classic for a reason! When you want to cater for a large group of people you cannot go wrong with this crowd pleaser. At Hajnis homemade cakes our vanilla sponge recipe has been specifically developed for wedding cakes. This means it’s sure to stay moist for days. There’s a lot happening between the baking and the cake cutting (just think of those intricate cake decorations) so it is crucial to have a good recipe. With the technique we use your cake is sure to stay moist for days. Our perfectly baked sponges are then layered with our homemade strawberry jam and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream.

2. Chocolate cake

Did I just say vanilla sponge was a crowd pleaser? Then what is a chocolate cake? White chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, each of which can be paired with other flavours like mint, raspberry, orange, salted caramel, nuts and the list could go on. Such a flavour that not many dislike and you’re sure to find a flavour combination that you will be in the winning with.

3. Red velvet, one of my favourite wedding cake flavours

If you’re not a lover of a rich chocolate cake then red velvet might be a great contestant for you. Red velvet is the colour of love itself and this moist and delicious cake is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla. It is often paired with cream cheese or vanilla frosting. At Hajni’s homemade cakes we use our signature Swiss meringue buttercream to fill our Red velvet cakes. This mousse-like, not too sweet buttercream, flavoured with cream cheese beautifully brings out the hint of chocolate and the vanilla in the sponge. One of my favourite cake flavours.

4. Spicy and nutty flavours

Once you've got at least one crowd pleasing option in your wedding cake flavours you may want to add some extraordinary flavours too. Comforting and festive flavours are more in demand during the cold-weather months. However, the list is not at all exhaustive with carrot cake and the traditional fruitcake. For example, I have a recent addition to my flavour list which you may not even have heard of. It’s a caramel sponge with pecan nuts, homemade caramel sauce spread over the layers, which is then topped with maple syrup flavoured meringue buttercream. This could be the perfect warming winter wedding cake flavour if you’re after something quirky.

5. Lemon sponge with lemon curd

Lemons are widely used in cooking and baking all around the world. And whilst making your mouth water, acidity cuts sweetness and heaviness and gives any food a fresh, clean taste. In cake-making, citrus flavours are especially perfect in the summer. The zesty and tangy confection takes centre stage at many warm-weather weddings, since the flavour comes across as tartly refreshing. Besides lemon, you could go for many other summer wedding cake flavours like lime, coconut and mango or blood orange, ginger and almond just to mention a couple.

Now you know what the top five wedding cake flavours are. I hope this makes it easier for you to make a choice. However if you'd like to see the full list of flavours I offer, you can find them on my pricing page.

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