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Bespoke birthday cakes Peterborough - 6 things to know before ordering gluten free birthday cakes

one of the gluten free birthday cakes with gold details and yellow roses
This design has been turned into many gluten free birthday cakes before and a gluten free anniversary cake this time

Bespoke birthday cakes Peterborough - 6 things to know before ordering gluten free birthday cakes

When having an intolerance or allergy it can be very stressful to order food from places. Especially if it's a one off service like a wedding cake or you're ordering for the first time. Apart from cross contamination, it can add to the worry what quality you can expect for the price tag. The decision can't be easy. Because of this I felt the need to expand on the topic instead of just leaving a short note on the website that dairy and gluten free cakes are available too. So to explain a bit about the processes, ingredients and about where, how and with what precautions your gluten free birthday cakes are made at Hajni's Homemade Cakes please scroll and read on.

1. Do you do gluten free birthday cakes?

The short answer is yes, I do gluten free birthday cakes. However I cannot guarantee that they are a 100% free of traces of any allergens.

2. Where are your gluten free birthday cakes made?

I work from my home and that is where my gluten free birthday cakes are made. In my home kitchen I handle all kinds of allergens so I cannot guarantee that any cake is 100% free from traces of any allergens, hence if you have a severe allergy to gluten (or any other ingredient) I would recommend ordering from a specialist place. Despite that, at Hajni’s Homemade Cakes we take great care to avoid cross contamination. In the next point, you can find out what precautions are taken to keep you and your guests safe.

3. What precautions do you take to avoid cross contamination whilst baking gluten free birthday cakes?

-I usually bake the gluten free cakes on separate days from other cakes if this isn't possible I make the gluten free cakes first and then then the others.

-Everything used for baking gluten free is rewashed prior to use (please note that the same mixer, cake tins, cake leveller and utensils are used for both glten and non gluten cakes), and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected twice before starting

-Gluten free and wheat flours are kept in different cupboards

-Everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily

-Clothes are also replaced daily

-Cake documents are provided with full ingredients list with each and every cake

4. Will my wedding venue know what cake is gluten free and what isn’t?

I always provide venues with the information they need. A cake cutting guide as well as a page detailing what flavours and allergens are in which tier. So they know how to cut and serve your cake.

5. Should I get a gluten free cake if there are only a few guests that are gluten intolerant?

That is completely up to you.

My gluten free cakes won’t taste much different if any and this way you don’t have to worry about getting something else for those guests who must avoid gluten. Everyone will feel included.

On the other hand if you would like a traditional cake I can always provide you with some gluten free cupcakes.

6. What do your gluten free birthday cakes taste like?

The gluten free flour blend I use is very neutral in taste and won't interfere with the taste of the cake too much. When baked into a cake, some of these flour blends produce more grainier results than others but knowing what liquid ingredients to combine them with helps absorb more moisture so the texture will be very much the same as a traditional bake.

So as long as you are happy with my processes I can make your gluten free birthday cake. Hope the details about my processes were satisfactory but if I missed anything out or you would like to order a cake please include it in the enquiry form or email and I'll give you an answer at the earliest possible.

Happy party planning

Best wishes,



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