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Bespoke birthday cakes Peterborough - How do I order a bespoke birthday cake?

Under the sea themed bespoke birthday cvake with Ariel , macaron seasehlls and coral decorations
Under the sea themed bespoke birthday cake Peterborough

Bespoke birthday cakes Peterborough - How do I order a bespoke birthday cake?

Picking up a cake from a supermarket is straight forward isnt it? However I'm sure at some point in our lives there is a very special occasioon when we would like something a bit more special than a boxstandard cake. But how do we know what information the cake maker needs? Or how do we tell them what exactly we would like? Do we at all know what we would like - apart from the fact that we want something pretty amazing? If that special ocassion is upon you and have been wondering about the above as well then the information below will help you understand how ordering bespoke birthday cakes work and what information your cake maker needs.

Email or fill in the enquiry form

First of all you can send me an email with your requirements or you can fill in the enquiry form on my contact page. This form has all the questions I need to establish whether I can make a bespoke birthday cake for you. There is also a section where you can add any addititional information for example regarding the design, any requests, questions you may have.

First I'll check the date and the portions if there is a slot available with enough time to make the required cake size then I'll let you know and we can discuss your birthday cake further.

Consider how many portions you need? Just a sidenote that my portion sizes are 5" x 2" x 1". If it is a kid's bespoke birthday cake you may want to consider serving half portions to minimise waste. Or if it's a wedding cake you could serve some big slices and some smaller ones as not everyone eats the same amount of cake.

Any allergies your bespoke birthday cake maker should know of?

Please fill this in accurately as in some cases I would recomend ordering your cake from a specialist place.

Any other info about your bespoke birthday cake

Tell me more about the cake you have in mind. In this secition you can include some pointers like colours for example, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This helps give me an idea of the design and how long decorating your bespoke birthday cake will take. You are welcome to email me pictures of designs as well just to make sure we are on the same page. After this a quote will be given and if you're happy with that you can reserve the date by paying a booking fee.

Picking a flavour for your bespoke birthday cake

Regarding flavours you have till up to two weeks before the cake is due to decide which one you'd like from my cake flavour list. In the case of allergies I will send a list of flavours that can be made to your requirements.

I also offer cake sample boxes for a small fee. I created these for wedding couples but if you fancy sampling my cakes before picking a flavour for a bespoke birthday cake you are very welcome to do so. These boxes come with six flavours to make your choice easier.

Final balance

Now everything I need to know to make your bespoke birthday cake is in my calendar. And it will alert me when the active work is due to start. When the cake is all ready (usually the night before or the morning of collection/ delivery day) you will be sent a picture of it.

The final balance is paid before collection or delivery and then all that is left for you to do is to enjoy the celebration and eating the cake.

I really hope it makes sense now why, when and what sort of information a cake maker needs to give you a quote and make your bespoke birthday cake.

if you're thinking about ordering for your next special ocassion, here is my enquiry form to get in touch with me about your bespoke birthday cake.

Best wishes,



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