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Wedding Cakes Lincolnshire - The Best Gluten Free Wedding Cakes - Five facts you need to know

Gluten free wedding cakes Lincolnshire
Gluten free wedding cakes can be identical to gluten ones

Wedding Cakes Lincolnshire - The Best Gluten Free Wedding Cakes - Five facts you need to know

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the best parts of wedding planning. You get to think about what design works with your wedding as well as picking out a delicious cake flavour that is perfect for the big day. Making that big decision with your partner is not easy with the endless choices available. From simple non-decorate semi-naked cakes to multi-tier fully iced cakes, the decision is yours. But when making that decision on the perfect wedding cake, you might need to consider whether any of your party has a gluten intolerance.

When you are looking at gluten free wedding cakes, there are lots of methods of baking gluten-free and the offerings do differ. But you can still have your dream cake that tastes fantastic, looks magnificent and will create memories that last a lifetime. Therefore, with this in mind, here are five facts you need to be aware of when choosing the perfect gluten free wedding cake.

1. Gluten free wedding cakes can still taste as good

As all major discoveries are made such as the delicious treat of ganache which got discovered through a kitchen mishap, I discovered this year the very best way to make gluten free wedding cakes.

I didn’t have my usual ingredients in for a new order and I replaced the ingredient after some online research. What resulted was a gluten-free cake with the best texture that I had ever made before. One of the best things about it is it lasts for days too when other gluten-free cakes can dry out a lot quicker. With this new ingredient, I found that my gluten-free cakes are better than ever and truly can offer a delicious, long-standing taste.

2. Gluten free wedding cakes can come in larger sizes and be multi-tier

A lot of brides and grooms worry that if they opt for a gluten-free cake, they will have to go with a smaller cutting cake or cupcakes separate from the main cake that is gluten-free. But good news for you; gluten free wedding cakes can be identical to a traditional, gluten wedding cake. Therefore, you or your guests with gluten intolerance can still enjoy the cake without the necessity to order multiple cakes. With my experience in making these gluten-free wedding cakes and the latest baking developments, you can still have your dream cake.

3. Gluten free wedding cakes are secure for weddings

It’s also not a concern that the gluten-free wedding will not be stable and secure. These cakes are crafted to perfection so that the newlyweds can still enjoy a big-tiered wedding cake. Like all my other cakes, these are beautifully decorated to your specifications and guests will know no difference that is gluten-free.

4. These gluten-free cakes can be made to be luxurious

For those who are getting married, they want a wedding cake that is extra special and is the perfect cake to mark the special occasion. They want a cake which looks special and also tastes divine so that guests always remember the cake. A meringue-based buttercream is a go-to choice for the sponge and just like traditional buttercream, it can be left out for the day on display at your wedding. That way, guests can go and admire the cake during the wedding. Additionally, the filling is already gluten-free and is delicious with its light and smooth flavour. Guests will love the divine cake with the meringue buttercream. It’s no surprise that Brides and other top wedding sites rave about the frosting.

5. The best gluten free wedding cakes can be dairy free at the same time

If there are guests or members of the wedding party with a dairy intolerance, it’s important to cater for all the different dietary requirements. While this can make the wedding cake choice harder, fortunately, the past few years have seen several new bakery methods that mean you can have a great quality wedding cake that is not only gluten-free but also dairy free too. These improvements will ensure when I make your cake, you can make your dreams a reality while catering to those with dietary intolerances. Now you can see that while you may need to cater to those who are gluten-free, you can still have a fantastic wedding cake that looks and tastes just the same with the guests left dreaming for days about the delicious cake. If you are looking for the best-tasting gluten-free wedding cake on your wedding day, please get in touch with me with my enquiry form, and you can soon try my cake sample boxes before booking for your big day.

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